Manipuri Film Industry

In the year 2000, insurgents banned Bollywood films from being screened in Manipur, a small state tucked away in the north-east of India bordering Burma. No Bollywood films are allowed to be screened in public cinemas but the insurgents didn’t forecast the widespread reach of television and Bollywood films began to be aired on TV. Bollywood film DVDs are sold illegally and on the black market. A regional film forum keeps a check to maintain decorum and decency of dress, language and actions in Manipuri films. Affected by political turmoil and insurgency, Manipuri filmmakers came to the forefront and began making feature films that dwelt upon topics of social and political importance in their local language. Today, hundreds of films are made in Manipur alone in the local Meitei language as well as other tribal languages and have a huge fan following in the region. Despite lack of financial support, missing infrastructure, frequent power cuts, little profit, political uncertainty, inflation, corruption and armed violence, Manipuri filmmakers continue making cinema purely for their love of it.